In November 2016, the AASHTO Board of Directors approved a new committee structure. Work is now underway to implement the new structure.

The AASHTO Board of Directors approved a reorganization of the AASHTO committee structure at its 2016 meeting in Boston.

The reorganization was developed over the last 18 months by the Comprehensive Committee Review Steering Committee, comprised of state DOT CEOs and senior DOT officials.

The approved structure is inclusive of all transportation modes and disciplines, addresses state-identified priorities and emerging issues, and is intended to be more efficient and nimble in its decision-making.

Work is underway to implement the approved committee structure and it is expected that the transition and re-alignment will be phased in over multiple years.

A new Strategic Management Committee within the Board will be established to guide the restructuring process. Vice President John Schroer will chair the SMC.  Once the Strategic Management Committee is established, further guidance will be provided; until this time, please note the following:

  1. Committee Business: please continue committee business as usual.
  2. Committee Meetings: meeting venue commitments may be made until the 2017 AASHTO Annual Meeting (September 2017); commitments beyond this date should be discussed with the Strategic Management Committee.
  3. Committee Preparations: the Strategic Management Committee will collaborate with each committee in implementing the restructuring. To prepare for these collaborations, committees are asked to please review committee strategic plans, operating principles, products, services and technical service programs, and contemplate any changes needed to align with the approved procedural and structural changes in the approved November 2016 Comprehensive Committee Review Restructuring Proposal.
  4. AASHTO Staff Liaisons: current AASHTO staff liaisons will continue to support their assigned committees and are available to answer questions about implementation of the new committee structure.  Please do not hesitate to contact them.