Committee Implementation

AASHTO Liaison
Lloyd Brown, Communications Director

Committee Review Background

The AASHTO Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for the 100-year-old organization in November 2014. That new plan restated AASHTO’s mission and vision, and it identified five core organizational values – safety-focused, innovative and adaptable, collaborative, accountable, and service oriented.

Soon after, the organization embarked on a process to implement the strategic plan with four goals:

  • Provide value to members
  • Provide innovative technical and professional services and products
  • Lead in national transportation policy development
  • Communicate the value of transportation

Among the activities associated with the strategic plan implementation is a full review of the AASHTO committee structure. A special committee of AASHTO leaders, supported by senior AASHTO staff, was appointed by then President John Cox to evaluate the AASHTO committee structure and, if necessary, recommend alternative organizational structures.

After an extensive outreach period, the special committee proposed changes to the AASHTO committee structure. The AASHTO Board of Directors reviewed and approved the proposal at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in November 2016.

The special committee has now sunset. Implementation of the board-approved committee structure is now underway.

Comprehensive Committee Review Members

The Comprehensive Committee Review special committee has now sunset. The CCR was created in November 2014 when then-AASHTO President John Cox appointed a special committee to review the AASHTO committee structure. The committee members were:

Paul Trombino III, Director, Iowa DOT

Carlos Braceras, Director, Utah DOT

Grant Levi, Director, North Dakota DOT

Paul Worley, Rail Division Director, North Carolina DOT

Timothy Henkel, Assistant Commissioner, Minnesota DOT

Paul Degges, Chief Engineer, Tennessee DOT

Gregory Slater, Director Office of Planning and Programming, Maryland State Highway Administration

AASHTO staff supporting the committee review include:

King Gee, Director of Engineering and Technical Services

Rosemary TenEyck, Special Assistant, Engineering and Technical Services

Shannon Eggleston, Program Director for Environment, Director of Center for Environmental Excellence

Jim McDonnell, P.E., Program Director for Engineering

Lloyd Brown, Director of Communications